News that Will Both Support and Challenge Your Point of View

News that Will Both Support and Challenge Your Point of View

Eytan Elbaz

Liberals will tell you that Guns Kill. Conservatives will tell you that Guns Protect and Save Innocent Lives.

Opposing Views will present both sides of this national issue to you. We do that by sharing the story of a senseless shooting death that impacted a community, and another one about a gun that ultimately saved an innocent person's life.

Five years ago we acquired a fledgling news property called Opposing Views. As we refined the mission, and focused on content, Opposing Views began to grow. We paid close attention to how our users interacted with the content, and we found that certain story types tended to perform better on social media than others. We tracked the data: Articles with real people’s stories behind them perform 30 percent better than stories about bill, law or regulation.

The stories that Opposing Views readers engage with are the ones that tackle issues near and dear to the hearts of Americans.

America’s government has never been as polarized as the one we have now. We have reached peak polarization at a time when many new laws are being enacted. Citizens who are on either side of marriage equality, marijuana legalization, and employment-damaging trade agreements want to know what’s happening, and how they and their local communities are being affected.

America is divided about drug law, LGBT rights, immigration, gun control, the war on terrorism, climate change, and more. Opposing Views brings the different perspectives around these issues to light by sharing stories that illuminate how these issues affect Americans across the country. Stories about an American fighting for ISIS and discrimination against a gay student both speak to the greater issues that concern our readers and Americans at large.

We don’t have an agenda to change public opinion, and we go deeper by showing stories from both sides of the debate. Our readers don’t always ideologically side with the content we provide, but they are extremely engaged with it. You will find stories that both support and challenge your point of view. Our mission as a news network is not to help you reinforce your beliefs; it's to have you hear and engage with the other side.

It’s no surprise that our audience is split almost exactly down the middle. Around 50% of our readers are Democrat and the other half are Republican. On our Facebook channels, you’ll always find impassioned split-views debate around critical political issues happening every day.

We are telling the stories that the American public needs to hear. If you are only willing to hear one side of the story, you know the news networks to go to. If you are ready to discuss national issues head on, come to